If you are considering the purchase or sale of property at the New Jersey Shore - I have a question for you.  DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE TIDELANDS ARE?

Tidelands, also known as Riparian lands, are submerged lands that are now or were formerly flowed daily by tidal waters. An example would be the lands under Barnegat Bay.

How is this a problem? In New Jersey these lands are "claimed" by the State and are held in the public trust. This includes tidally flowed lands that were filled in and built upon. If Tidelands once flowed through your property and were filled in without authority from the State, then the State still has a claim to that land.

If you wonder how does this affect your title or the title of the land you wish to purchase, the answer is a lot!  If you are selling property these tidelands claims can cause serious problems. Your buyer will problably want you to clear the claim by obtaining a Riparian Grant.  This process can take from one to four years! Meanwhile you could have thousands of dollars tied up in an escrow account until the grant is issued.  Many times buyers are put off and the sale falls through.

Don’t allow this to happen to you! What happens before the sale of a shore home is crucial to the prompt and fair resolution of a tidelands problem. 

Other Tidelands problems include illegal docks and bulkheads.  These require State Waterfront Development Permits and Tidelands Licenses.

If you are contemplating the sale or purchase of property at the New Jersey Shore, you may need our help.
-32 years in NJDEP
-10 years of mapping tidelands
-13 years in tidelands regulation
- 6 years as a regional supervisor
-15 years of resolving tidelands problems

-We have extensive knowledge of the                 State’s tidelands maps and records and            how to interpret them.
-We are totally familiar with the current               tidelands policies and procedures and               how to apply them to your situation.
-We stay current through attendance of all          Tidelands Resource Council meetings.

-Tidelands determinations
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-Application preparation
-Marina and Dock Permit Applications

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